E-Krete® et Permastripe®


  • Friction coefficients that achieve FAA standards
  • Rapid curing time results in short downtime
  • Highly resistant to aeronautical and automotive fluids
  • Impervious to UV and other adverse environmental factors
  • Environmentally safe alternative to slurry seals and asphaltic seal coats
  • Adds friction surface to concrete and asphalt pavements
  • Available in custom colors
  • Cost effective alternative to milling and applying a new asphalt overlay
  • Will not track into facilities like coal tar and AC emulsions
  • Safe and nontoxic to placement crews

E-Krete® is a tough, durable coating that can be applied over asphalt to provide long-lasting protection and concrete-like surface characteristics. The resulting benefits include fewer maintenance cycles, less worry about surface breakdown, and long-term color fastness.

Unlike traditional seal coating materials that contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), E-Krete® does not and is recognized by the EPA as “reduc[ing] the need for resurfacing, sealing and replacement, …thus eliminat[ing] the generation and release of [PAHs], coal tar materials, and hazardous solvents.”

Permastripe® has all the physical characteristics of E-Krete with the addded qualities of high reflectivity and chromaticity to create durable pavement markings that meet or exceed FAA standards.


The E-Krete® sysem is a long-lasting, skid resistant, polymer modified, cement-based micro-overlay system. It’s designed to be applied on airport runways, refueling areas, aprons, and taxiways with substandard surface raveling, low skid resistance or where preservation or oil and fuel resistance is required.

Recommended for:

  • Areas where a high coefficient of friction is needed, e.g., aprons, taxiways, and runways
  • Oxidized and otherwise eroded asphalt
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to traditional seal coats and asphaltic emulsions
  • Pavement with oil spot damage potential
  • Protection of new asphalt surfaces – before – deterioration starts
  • Aircraft maintenance areas
  • Refueling areas
  • Parking lots